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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Computer Science, Mathematics Minor, BS

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Mathematics and Computer Science

It is the purpose of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department to prepare our students for success in an increasingly technological and competitive global society. Engaging abstract and real-life mathematics and computer science problems using a hands-on approach, our students realize an appreciation for the power, orderliness of thought, and precision of expression in mathematics, and develop skills essential for quantitative analysis in other fields of study. In addition to offering majors and minors in mathematics and computer science, the department offers service courses to meet the needs of a diverse student population. Students develop algebraic skills necessary for success in a variety of increasingly quantitative majors such as criminal justice and psychology. The Mathematics General Education Requirement (GER) and other service courses meet the needs of students in such majors as Management Science, Elementary Education, English, nursing, and social science. Through this broad spectrum of courses, the department seeks to provide educational access and diverse opportunities for all students. Faculty members are strongly committed to excellence in teaching and availability to students outside of class time for tutoring and advisement.

Level I (Freshman)

Level II (Sophomore)

Level III (Junior)

Level IV (Senior)

Fall Semester

Total Semester Credits: 15

Spring Semester

Total Semester Credits: 15

Total Credits: 127

*General Education Requirement

**University Graduation Requirement

Major Course

Or any 2 part 200 level History

or any ENGL 200 level or above

BIOL 101  or BIOL 107  or CHEM 101  or PHSC 101  or PHSC 103  

PHIL 103  or PHIL 102  

† or IDIS 103  or any Foreign Language or ART 105  or MUSC 201  or DANC 226  or THEA 211  

‡ or any 3 credit Health course, or SPCH 202  or SPCH 204  or GEOG 102  

General Elective - any University course

Program Elective - any non-required course within the discipline

NOTE: Please consult a program advisor to discuss course options.

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